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Anne Devismes, PhD

Owner of Terra Yoga


  • 200 hr with Laurel Hodory, 2010, Columbus, USA (vinyasa and ashtanga)

  • 300 hr with Noah Mazé, 2017, Berlin, Germany (hatha and vinyasa)

Why do I practice?

Simply said, the practice (whether it’s asana, pranayama, or meditation) makes me feel better, happier, and more grounded. It empowers me to believe in and trust myself and to live my life more meaningfully.


Why do I teach?

I believe that playing and being challenged on the mat teaches us many of the skills we need to face challenges off the mat and to live a happy, conscious, and fulfilling life. It is an amazing privilege to guide my students, to help them find the tools they need to explore their human nature, and to witness their transformations and breakthroughs.


Energy and intention of my classes

playful and educational


My life’s motto

If I don’t like the results, I can change my choices.


What am I grateful for?

I am grateful for the ever-present possibility to try again and learn more.

Anne Profile

What does connection mean to me?

Everything I think, say, and do affects not only myself but everyone and everything around me. Knowing that I am connected with the world inspires me to be kinder and more thoughtful about what I choose to feel and to express.


Other activities

I have a PhD in nuclear physics and I work as a freelance science editor. In between enjoying nature (in water if at all possible) and writing my first book, I am dreaming of creating an animal sanctuary. 

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