Anne Devismes, PhD, E-RYT200-RYT500

Owner and director of Terra Yoga, YACEP

Anne took her first steps on her yoga path in April 2005 in Columbus, Ohio. After a few months of alignment-based classes, Anne started to explore Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Shortly after moving to Trondheim in 2008, Anne felt that yoga had to become a bigger part of her life and decided to become a full-time yoga teacher. In 2010, she went back to Columbus to study with Laurel Hodory. She graduated from a 200-hour Yoga Alliance program in Ashtanga and Hatha/Vinyasa at the end of that year. She started teaching Vinyasa and Ashtanga classes during the summer of 2010.

Anne has run a yoga center in Trondheim since 2012, and she has founded Terra Yoga in 2016. She is teaching an average of 10 weekly classes, including corporate classes, and various workshops and master classes.

She graduated from Noah Mazé's 300-hr teacher training in october 2017.

Anne is grateful to share with others the insights, peace, and happiness that she has found through yoga. Her hope is to help and inspire her students to find their own true goodness and embrace the beauty of life. Playing and being challenged on the mat is one of the most powerful ways to face challenges off the mat and live a happy, conscious, and fulfilling life.

Anne was born and raised in France and has a PhD in nuclear physics. Besides practicing and teaching yoga, meditating , paddling, and enjoying the outdoors, she works as a freelance science editor.


Kristine Oftedal Iversen, RYT200 

Kristine was introduced to yoga in the early 2000’s, but her yoga journey first started in 2010. During a particularly stressful exam period, her friend brought her along for a class at university. Kristine promptly fell asleep in supta baddha konasana, sleeping her way through class. This was the moment she realized that yoga meets you where you are – and if you surrender to it, it will provide you with exactly what you need at that moment in time. Needless to say, yoga has held a very special place in Kristine’s heart ever since.

In late 2014, Kristine started a committed practice as a way to recover from a car accident, taking classes at studios and gyms, attending workshops, and maintaining a steady home practice. After a while, she had a yearning not only to learn more about yoga but to also find a community of likeminded people. So, in the summer of 2016, she dove wholeheartedly into her YTT200 at the Atman Yoga School. Initially a journey she started mainly to deepen her own practice, she discovered a passion for teaching and a genuine wish to share yoga.

By day Kristine works with social media, communication, and campaign development for an organization in Trondheim. By night she teaches yoga, talks about yoga, and reads about yoga.

Kristine is always happy to talk to you about yoga – all the 8 limbs, tea or book suggestions, and will love you forever if you show her a picture of a funny cat or dog.

Jessica Dittmar Walvåg 

Jessica started in the fitness industry at a young age with college athletics. What began as a hobby developed into a passion for motivating others to adopt healthier lifestyles.

She received her Master's Degree of Preventive Medicine and Public Health at The Ohio State University and holds training certifications from both USA and Norway.

She began training Pilates after suffering several back injuries and continues to be amazed at how Joseph Pilates' series of exercises has healed her back and given her a new, pain-free, and more functional body.

When teaching, her focus is on intelligent training, quality over quantity, and the unison of mind and body working together. She truly believes that combining mindful, efficient, and effective movement with fun is the best way to take care of one’s body.

Pia Lise Selnes, RYT200

Pia Lise has been doing yoga regularly for about 15 years. First, her yoga practice was in addition to dance, steps, and other activities, but eventually yoga became a higher priority for her. She has a versatile background as a practitioner and instructor in more areas than yoga, and she has 20 credits in training instruction from the Norwegian Sports Academy.

In 2006, she attended a course to become a yoga instructor at 3T, and she has worked as an instructor for several years. In spring 2017, she completed her 200-hour training, certified through the Atman Yoga School and the Yoga Alliance.

Pia Lise is fond of playful and challenging yoga classes where she is encouraged to try things she cannot do yet. She has been working with ashtanga yoga for several years, but today, she prefers vinyasa yoga and enjoys nice flows and fun combinations that are less demanding for the body and more rewarding mentally.

In addition to yoga, Pia Lise spends a lot of time paddling and practicing rolls with her kayak. These are activities rooted in old Greenlandic fishing communities, and you could think that this is a long way from yoga. But all over the world, yoga is now recognized as an important practice among rolling enthusiasts.

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