january 13 - june 7, 2020

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This class is deeply rooted in hatha and focuses on alignment for the most common poses and breathing techniques. As you learn or refine your knowledge of the physical poses, you will also be exposed to the basic philosophical concepts behind the practice of yoga. 

This class is suitable for those who are rather new to yoga. More experienced students who want to refine and deepen their knowledge are also encouraged to join.


Hatha classes are deeply rooted in alignment-based yoga. Poses are held for several breaths, and the focus is on building a strong foundation and good understanding of technique and alignment. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of alignment and of their own bodies.

Vanessa's classes on tuesday morning and thursday are open to all levels.

Naomi's classes on tuesday evening require practitionners to have some prior experience with yoga.


Vinyasa classes are based on a fluid practice that connects movements and breath. Unique and varied sequences prepare the body and the mind for the peak pose of each class. These classes help you build strength and flexibility while you practice focusing the mind on the breath. More challenging poses will be decomposed, and different stages will be offered so that everyone can work at their own level.

This class requires a previous regular practice of yoga.


This class involves a series of Pilates exercises performed on a mat without equipment. With its focus on core muscles, Pilates improves strength, mobility, posture, and balance. Pilates exercises are always practiced with the principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow. The deep, mindful breathing and smooth, lengthening movements of Pilates aid in stress reduction.

This class is suitable for everyone.


Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga where poses are passive, supported with props (blocks, blankets, etc), and held for a longer time (several minutes). This practice targets the deep tissues (ligaments, tendons, bones, and fascia) and is deeply meditative. 

This class is suitable for all levels.

power flow

Power-flow classes are based on the vinyasa style. However, technically challenging poses are often left out, and the classes focus on creating a continuous flow, a meditation in movement. The challenge will come from keeping up with the rhythm of the practice.

This class is suitable for all levels, but not for new beginners.

power and restore

This class combines power flow and restorative yoga. The power flow helps you shake things off and build strength and stamina. The restorative part of the class is deeply relaxing and consists of supported poses held for several minutes which help you slow everything down and find a deep sense of peace and calm. 

This class is suitable for all levels. 

flow and meditate

This is a dynamic and varied vinyasa class that combines pranayama and meditation practices at the beginning and end of class. This is a slower vinyasa class aimed to help you discover and develop your strength, as well as ground your energy and keep you firmly rooted in the present moment.

beginner series (5-week course)

This is where you start when you are new to yoga. This 5-week course has a strong educational focus and gives you all the tools, skills, and knowledge you need to start on your yoga adventure. You will learn the foundations for warm ups and most common poses as well as breathing techniques. Each session will leave you more confident about yoga, uplifted, and serene.

This course is also open to practitioners with some experience who wish to deepen and refine their understanding of alignment.

Next beginner series starts on march 2, 2020. Registration and details here.

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