starting on september 2, 2019

classes every monday with Anne

17:00-18:15  basic

18:30-19:45  vinyasa

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yoga basic

Yoga basic focuses on alignment for the most common poses and breathing techniques. As you learn or refine your knowledge of the physical poses, you will also be exposed to the basic philosophical concepts behind the practice of yoga. 

This class is suitable for those who are rather new to yoga. More experienced students who want to refine and deepen their knowledge are also encouraged to join.


Vinyasa classes are based on a fluid practice that connects movements and breath. Unique and varied sequences prepare the body and the mind for the peak pose of each class. These classes help you to build strength and flexibility while you practice focusing the mind on the breath. More challenging poses will be decomposed, and different stages will be offered so that everyone can work at their own level.

This class requires a previous regular practice of yoga.

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